Research Specialization


BEAHR Environmental Monitor – Research Training


Become an environmental monitor – This program teaches you how to monitor the environment and impacts of human and industrial activities, how to communicate this information to stakeholders, and how to help mitigate environmental impacts.

You will learn how to use standard equipment and tools including environmental monitors safety equipment, maps, and GPS.

Research monitors will learn how to assist researchers in monitoring various factors of the environment, such as wildlife counts, surveys and sampling.

Duration: 2 weeks
Requirement: Grade 10 or equivalent


Research Skills

The objective of this module is to develop the skills necessary to assist with environmental monitoring work in the field.

The module provides a basic understanding of the purpose and value of protocols in sampling programs, principles of good research, and requirements for the preparation of environmental monitoring field research.

Participants will be introduced to various surveying and sampling techniques used to study environmental parameters.


BEAHR Training Programs are nationally-recognized training programs that are locally-relevant. They are delivered in the community, and offer a unique learning environment that incorporates practical, hands-on instruction with fieldwork, exercises, and group activities. They blend both traditional and scientific knowledge, with formal and informal methods of learning. The participation of local knowledge holders is required and industry participation is highly encouraged. BEAHR Training Programs are adaptable to suit community needs and can be arranged to accommodate a variety of requirements, including delivery location, instructor preference, number of students, and the length of time to complete the required modules.

The BEAHR Training Programs were designed to prepare graduates for an entry-level position working in the environmental field. The training programs are not accredited, although some students may wish to pursue further education upon completion of their BEAHR Training Program(s). There are a number of post-secondary institutions across Canada that allow students to build on their BEAHR training by taking additional courses towards a college level certificate. Please contact the BEAHR Training Programs team to learn more about the opportunities for further education that are available to graduates of the BEAHR Training Programs.


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