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Resource Industry Awareness Workshop


Environmental protection is often a significant concern for communities approached by resource development projects.

The aim of this six-module course is to empower communities by preparing them with the knowledge of Provincial and Federal regulatory regimes, an overview of their structure, and which agencies are responsible for issues related to water, land, and air.

The workshop can be offered as a one-week course, but is most effectively offered as single-day sessions over the period of a month or two. Allowing participants time to absorb the large amount of information involved.

Duration: 1 Week
Requirement: Grade 8 or equivalent


Workshop 1 | Regulatory Framework
  • Introduction to the regulatory regime for resource development projects in Ontario.
  • The Legislative authority of key Provincial Government agencies and an overview of their structure (MNRF, MNDM, MOE, MTO, MOL, etc)
  • Federal Government and their legislative frameworks
    • How they apply in Ontario
    • Overview and judicial responsibilities of key agencies (Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Natural Resources, and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency)
Workshop 2 | Permitting Processes

Processes required for permitting resource development projects, for each regulatory body and what technical details they require when it comes to permitting issues

Workshop 3 | Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and First Nation Perspective vs. Industry Perspectives
  • The context in which Treaty and Aboriginal Rights apply to regulatory approvals in Ontario
  • Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982
  • The Crown’s duty to consult
  • Current First Nation Issues and court proceedings around this particular issue
Workshop 4 | Compliance Issues

Monitoring and Compliance requirements facing industry, and management of common environmental issues

Workshop 5 | Water Issues
  • Protection
  • Treatment
  • Monitoring practices
  • Clean-ups
Workshop 6 | Air and "Land" Issues
  • Sources
  • Protection measures
  • Monitoring practices


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